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We all want to support our parents’ desire to live independently even when we have concerns about their safety and well-being.  But how do we know when it’s time to consider a move to assisted living?  An assessment can help to recognize if there is a need.  Click here to read some assessment questions.

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How We Started

Our company was started because of a personal experience with Judy’s mother-in-law, Lois, who lives in another state and, due to a fall, was unable to continue living alone.

A referral from the social worker in her rehab facility led her to a woman who helped her to find the perfect home for Lois and there was no fee involved.

What seemed at the time to be a terrible ordeal, instead resulted in a wonderful experience for Judy’s family.  Lois is now happily settled in her new home and we have been able to help families find independent, assisted living or Alzheimer’s care for their parents at no cost.

How Do We Do This?

We first discuss with the family to learn more about their personal needs from a physical, geographical and financial standpoint. Based on the information we help them find the most appropriate assisted living community for their new home and guide them through the process so that they can make an informed decision. Our fee comes from the selected assisted living and independent communities that we have previously evaluated and have met our criteria of high quality of care.  Our focus is on the staff who provide the care and we encourage our clients to do the same.  We try to recommend several assisted living communities based on the families needs in order to provide options for them to consider.

Because Medicare and Medicaid do not reimburse for assisted living, the care one receives is financed by private pay or long-term care insurance, which most older adults do not have.  A benefit through the Veterans Administration for wartime veterans and/or their surviving spouses is available for those who qualify financially to help defray the expenses of assisted living.  Home To Home can help with the application process to obtain the Aid and Attendance benefit for these veterans. (click here for help with VA benefits)

Our goal is to find the ideal fit between the older adult and the home that assures the quality of life and independence with compassion, support and peace of mind for the family.  Let us help to make a smooth transition from> Home To Home…The Next Step.

What Makes Us Different?

We offer a very personalized service through phone conversations and visits with the family to discuss their individual needs. Often we provide information about other services such as home care, elder attorneys and geriatric medical resources available to them.

Eldercare - senior living referral service for free - let us help youBecause Medicare can be confusing we feel it is important to be able to advise our clients about their Medicare options. Frequently, when adult children realize that assisted living and Alzheimer’s care is not paid by Medicare, they become concerned about their own futures. That is when we can also advise them about the benefits of long-term care insurance to help defray the expenses that come with assisted living or home care. Judy has her insurance license to help in these situations. She only works with seniors (those people 55 and older) and their insurance needs.

Since our service is focused around seniors Judy has also earned her designation as a Certified Senior Advisor (CSA).

"A CSA is a professional who has received specialized training in aging and the important issues that affect seniors. CSA candidates must pass a challenging national exam to demonstrate their comprehension of what is taught in the CSA curriculum. It is only after they pass the exam, meet all the requirements and agree to live up to high ethical and professional standards that they may use the designation Certified Senior Advisor."

- From the Society of Certified Senior Advisors

M'Nelle's Story

M'Nelle and her search for the proper assisted living facility in GeorgiaMaybe it was my background as a journalist that put the idea in my mind to research assisted living communities in the area of my home. Spurred on to do this by recent and unexpected health problems, I dug out the business card of Home To Home and called them.

We set up a schedule and in less than a month I had played “spend the day” at seven places. Judy and Kathleen pre-planned, drove, and introduced me to the staff and gave me an opportunity to talk with some of the residents. I interviewed them in lounges, at lunch, and on the porch. Reviewing my notes and brochures I selected the two places that were the best in my opinion. Surprise, the place I had always assumed I would go did not even “place” on my list. Now soon I will pack my suitcase, my CD/radio, books, notebook and stay for a week at each place. It’s called “respite” and costs less than a week with meals at a good hotel.

Why tempt fate and end up caught by accident or declining health and have to go from my home straight to nursing care? Anyone can do what I did.

Cost? Zip. Zero. Just part of the service of Home To Home.

M’Nelle Causey
Athens, GA

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